Why Live In El Gouna?

El Gouna Real Estate

Should I buy Property In El Gouna?

El Gouna Real Estate El Gouna Real Estate - Should I buy property in El Gouna? The best question to ask yourself is: Why would I NOT want to live in El Gouna? As expats, most of us have had the experience of being advised against it. The reason for this is that most people are either afraid of change or just don’t like it. What they know and who they know is of utmost importance. This, encased...


Holi Festival El Gouna 2018 – A party for all ages

Holi Festival El Gouna People have been talking about the Holi Festival Rainbow Explosion for months. The Club House, already famous for it's parties and events, has the honour of hosting this event. And rightly so. Hoda Mansour, the longstanding owner of the Club House came up with the idea of celebrating Holi only 3 years ago. She now brings us Holi Festival part 3. And what a brilliant idea. On one...

El Gouna Restaurant Pasta Basta. Picture of food

Pasta e Basta – Italian in El Gouna

  Pasta E Basta El Gouna El Gouna's Pasta Basta is to die for El Gouna is home to fantastic restaurants as we all know. With sun seekers and holidaymakers constantly in and out of our town, it has to provide them all with tasty delights and keep them well fed. Such a place is Pasta e Basta. An Italian restaurant, owned and managed by Italians, you are certainly in for authentic food. I have had the...

El Gouna: Boat travelling under a bridge over the lagoon

El Gouna – The lagoon

El Gouna - The lagoon El Gouna is not El Gouna without the lagoon. El Gouna literally means The Lagoon. And so, like the Nile, it is a life force for our town. Not in terms of fresh water nourishing a country, but the lagoon nourishes the fantastic atmosphere in Gouna. Boating, skiing, relaxing, more boating. These all make El Gouna a fantastic place to live. The above boat travels alongside El Gouna...

Girl singing in El Gouna with live band

El Gouna Street festival

El Gouna Street festival   El Gouna never fails to bring a fresh supply of entertainment from all over the area. We had the street festival right here in downtown El Gouna and the atmosphere was alive celebration and happiness. Not to be outdone, the national football team made it through to the world cup. Brazillian dancers, more singers, food and drink were all readily available. About El Gouna El...

El Gouna Wakeboarder with el gouna property behind her

El Gouna completes it’s wakeboarding competition

El Gouna hosts Wakeboarding Championship The 19th European and African cable wakeboarding and wakeskate championships is a fairly long-winded description, but a thorough one. 190 riders from the two continents were set to compete in the championships, scoring points on various strangely named tricks such as The rubber chicken, Butter Fuko, Blind Judge and many more. El Gouna hosts the...

El Gouna Lagoon from a boat with captain

El Gouna property viewing from the lagoon

El Gouna property viewing from the Lagoon El Gouna properties can be viewed nicely from the lagoon by taking a boat ride. Obviously, it's not enough to do only this and you have to go into the property itself, but it's a good way to spot property in El Gouna from a different angle. You can quickly get a feel for where things are and which properties are in close proximity to other properties in El...

El Gouna sunset with palm trees silhouetted

El Gouna School has a minute’s silence for the recent Egypt attacks

EL Gouna school held a minute's silence today to mourn and remember those that were killed in the attacks. On 23 November what was assumed to be IS, although still not confirmed, detonated bombs in a mosque in upper Sinia. Upper Sinai has been a volatile area for years now due to it's proximity to the boiling pot of religious warfare. We all remember the Russian plane that was gunned down killing in...

El Gouna - child looking at coral

El Gouna Coral

El Gouna is home to some of the best natural property in the world - the glorious Red Sea Coral. With breathtaking beauty and vibrant sea life, El Gouna is a fantastic spot for snorkelling and diving. And if you don't like being in the water, you can view it from the pier. Kinney Smith Prestige Living Live the dream and buy property in El...

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