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We understand that when you’re searching for a property you’re coming across a great deal of sites that are listing a huge number of properties, making shopping for a home not the most enjoyable or easy experience. It can be time consuming, and especially when buying abroad, a little overwhelming too.

At Kinney Smith we’re dedicated to providing so much more than just property listings, because we want to add additional value and personal care, giving you full representation, the sound advice you need and the attention you deserve ~ for whatever reason you’re searching or particular property you’re looking to purchase.

Essentially… we’ve got your back, from the search to the sale and beyond. Having sold millions of pounds in property all over the world, we approach every single sale for our buyers as if we were the ones buying, so we’ll always ensure you to get the best service & the best outcome.

(And yes, even if that means advising you to walk away if we don’t feel the deal is right for you.) We understand all the ‘ins and outs’ of this process, the twists and the turns, precisely so you don’t have to.

Our Happy Clients

Thank you Paul for helping us buy a fab apartment in Palm Beach Piazza, Sahl Hasheesh. You made the buying process so easy.
by Brian Langley
Prestige Client
Thank you for making this a very easy and satisfying buy. I would thoroughly recommend Paul in his honesty and professionalism. Thank you again.
by Marc Sandifer
Prestige Client
Paul provided an excellent service to me when selling my apartment in Hurghada. It was quick and painless and nothing was too much trouble. Thank you!
by Rachel Penney
Prestige Client

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Owner , Kinney Smith Prestige Living
Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Paul is an experienced and dedicated Realtor. His dedication is...

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