El Gouna School has a minute’s silence for the recent Egypt attacks

El Gouna sunset with palm trees silhouetted

EL Gouna school held a minute’s silence today to mourn and remember those that were killed in the attacks. On 23 November what was assumed to be IS, although still not confirmed, detonated bombs in a mosque in upper Sinia. Upper Sinai has been a volatile area for years now due to it’s proximity to the boiling pot of religious warfare.

We all remember the Russian plane that was gunned down killing in November 2015. This was the worst terror attack in modern Egypt – ever. Now with a death toll of 305 and rising, the town of┬áBir al-Abed claims the unwanted record.

Egyptian president Sisi has responded with brute force, launching air strikes and unleashing all efforts to bring these terrorists to justice.

We thank El Gouna international school for its commemoration but are we are desperately sad for all the children of the world who are being exposed to real-life horrors. And, although the attack is far away from El Gouna, we still feel it in our hearts.

Egypt is still beautiful, despite the efforts of men.

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