Luxor – A Beautiful City That Deserves A Break

Girl in front of ancient temple in Luxor not far from El Gouna

Luxor Governorate plans to attract more tourists this winter season and to rank the first Egyptian touristic city.

In full swing, Luxor governorate continues its intensive preparations for the new 2017/2018 winter season, which is expected to be the best among the seasons following the 25th of January revolution. Over the past weeks, Luxor started paving all the roads and routes to welcome and receive tourists, equipping the temples with all services and supporting visitors with special needs.

Mohamed Othman, member of the Tourism Marketing Committee in Luxor, said that the early winter season this October witnesses a fruitful promising beginning. It commenced with a sizable turnout and attendance of visitors to various temples and tombs on the West and East Banks. Othman deemed October as a good harbinger for a better season than there has been since 2010.

According to Othman, there are several factors that need to be taken into account to ensure a very strong season. First of all, there must be intensive flights to open the Asian markets, which have largely substituted and covered the weakness of the European market.

“Egypt Airlines has successfully resolved the issue of the direct Japanese flights to Osaka, but up to date, it is unable to substitute Qatari Airlines and fly five flights a week from Asia, which is heavily concentrated in the Indian and Chinese markets. Most of these markets fond of cultural tourism still find it difficult to reach Egypt after the Qatari flights stopped,” Othman revealed to Youm7 newspaper.

Othman added that French flights are approved to resume by this October, which will guarantee large flocks of tourists flowing to Luxor. He demanded a quick return of Cairo-Luxor Nile cruises, as well as furnishing the main ports, which attract the French tourists.

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