Good News For Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam building

The UK airline company Thomas Cook has announced that it will resume flights to Marsa Alam Airport on October 21, after a nine years suspension of flights to the city since 2008. The airline will operate two flights weekly during the winter season, from the cities of Birmingham on Mondays and Gatwick on Thursdays.

The company advised its customers on its website to spend their holidays at the resorts of Marsa Alam and Hurghada highlighting available diving trips and ideal weather.

Thomas Cook flights to Hurghada Airport increased to 11 flights a week instead of nine flights. The company is expected to operate more flights with the start of the winter tourist season in November.

Maritime sources at Hurghada Airport said that two additional flights are offered from London and Manchester, these flights were transferred from Cuba after it was wracked by Hurricane Irma.

Egypt is very popular this year in the English tourism market, said tourism expert Mohamed Suweilam, and said he expects Egypt to receive more than double the number of English tourists compared to 2016.

The highest demographics of tourists who visit Red Sea resorts, especially during the winter season, are from Germany, Ukraine, and the UK, said Suweilam.

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