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12 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Hurghada

12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Hurghada  Hurghada is Egypt's oldest and most famous resort. Offshore, is the colorful and bizarre Red Sea world of coral and fish life that first brought Hurghada to worldwide attention, while back on solid ground, the once tiny fishing settlement has mushroomed into a resort city catering directly to tourism. For northern Europeans (who make up most of Hurghada's...

Why Choose The Red Sea Riviera?

El Gouna, Soma Bay, Sahl Hasheesh and Hurghada - The Red Sea Riviera, in Egypt, consists of the resort cities lying on the western shore of the Gulf of Aqaba and along the eastern coast of mainland Egypt south of the Gulf of Suez. The combination of a favourable climate, warm sea, thousands of kilometres of shoreline and abundant natural and archaeological points of interest makes this stretch of Egypt’s...

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