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Badya Palm Hills

Badya By Palm Hills Development

Badya Palm Hills Badya Palm Hills is the latest project by Palm Hills Developments in 6th of October City. Badya will be a residential, commercial, and retail compound. Palm Hills plans to have over thirty thousand residential units in Badya with over 16% of them being standalone units. Badya compound will cover 3,000 feddans in West Cairo and is a co-development between Palm Hills and The Egyptian...

Tawaya Sahl Hasheesh

Tawaya Sahl Hasheesh

Tawaya Sahl Hasheesh Tawaya Sahl Hasheesh by Palm Hills Developments SAHL HASHEESH Only 18 kilometres south of the airport and located on the famously inspiling Red Sea coast lies Sahl Hasheesh, a 12.5km slice of paradise that is an exclusive community and home to the most premium addresses along the shores of the Red Sea. It's a place where sun-kissed waters, year-round summer climates and golden sands...

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