Real Estate in Barbados



Getting tired of sleet and snow? You don’t have to put up with winter—not when you can hop a plane to Barbados where temperatures hardly ever get lower than 21°C (70°F) or higher than 32°C (90°F) at any time of the year. Balmy weather isn’t the only thing you’ll get to enjoy when you own real estate in Barbados . There’s also the seemingly endless stretch of beaches (there are 60 in all), the delicious cuisine, the boatload of things to do outdoors and in, and the Bajans’ welcoming warmth.

If you’re seriously considering investing in real estate in Barbados then you’re probably already familiar with the island’s coast to coast attractions. You may not be that well-acquainted with its property market though. This is why it helps to consult with seasoned local real estate professionals like our team at Kinney Smith prestige Living

Real Estate for Sale in Barbados

You will find that real estate in Barbados is as diverse as its populace and that your options here run the gamut from estate-sized parcels and grand Barbados beachfront property for sale to cosy waterfront apartments and classic chattel homes. Prices will vary according to the property’s size and its features as well as its location. In general, those on the west coast have the highest price tags—not just on the island, but throughout the Caribbean.

Get in touch with us at Kinney Smith Prestige Living today for more in-depth information on Barbados, the island lifestyle, and the real estate opportunities here. We look forward to being of service!

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