Ras Soma

Located along the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea with a magical backdrop of the mountains, Ras Soma presents ultimate harmony with nature. Inspired by the serenity of the surrounding landscape, this is the place where people come to live a life that is tranquil, yet dynamic – a life that is simple, yet luxurious – a life that is easy-going, yet full.

Travco Properties is proud to unveil Ras Soma Residences sits latest residential seaside community. The unique combination of world-class services and years of experience in the real estate industry births a one-of-a-kind international residential destination.

Ras Soma Residences are hotel-serviced residential units, ranging from beachfront villas to cosy apartment condos; beautifully master planned and interlaced with stunning landscaping and water features, as well as a breathtaking vista of the serene shoreline of the Red Sea.

Design excellence has always been at the core of WATG’s mission. Achieving exceptional creativity and innovation requires the thoughtful assembly of diverse perspectives, experiences and expertise; and this is what motivates our integrated, multidisciplinary team-driven design process.

We consistently bring together strategists, planners, architects, interior designers, and landscape architects with diverse backgrounds in order to fuel new ideas – better ideas – that so often emerge at the intersections of different disciplines.

Design brilliance is not simply about beautiful spaces and places, though beauty is an important factor. It also combines a project’s functionality, profitability, sustainability and longevity, and the experience of each person and community involved.

The impact that the built environment has on people and the land must be designed as carefully as the built environment itself.

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